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Adult Therapy Indicators

There are unlimited ways therapy can assist with improved Strength, Mobility, Function, and Quality of Life for people facing temporary or chronic challenges. Here are some things to look for that would warrant a therapy referral:

Physical / Occupational Therapy

Decreasing Strength / ROM / Contractures Sitting more, moving less, "Slowing Down" Falls / Unsteadiness / Dizziness Holding onto furniture when walking Increased difficulty rising from chair or bed Declining ability to care for self

Speech Therapy

Dysphagia / Difficulty Swallowing

During meals, does this person show signs of: coughing, clearing throat, runny nose, watery eyes, wet/gurgly voice, vocal change? These can be signs of aspiration.

Have you noticed: weight loss, frequent pneumonia, delayed or absent swallow, abnormal throat movements when swallowing, difficulty chewing food or prolonged chewing? These problems often indicate dysphagia and can be addressed by Speech Language Pathologists.

Cognitive Retraining

Do you see signs of new or worsening memory loss, difficulty with problem solving, sequencing, and/or safety awareness? Examples of these may include increased problems with independently taking mes or handling finances (balancing a checkbook, etc.) These can be addressed through Speech Therapy.

Speech / Language

Do you notice slurred speech, word-finding difficulty, abnormal speech rate, decreased vocal volume, stuttering, or abnormal vocal quality? These are also indicators for a Speech Therapy consult.

Augmentative Devices

SLP’s can identify a device to assist those with non-functional speech, and/or difficulty expressing wants/needs. Everyone should have a voice!

Pediatric Therapy Indicators

Some of our most fragile clients may be tougher than you think! Therapies can help get pediatric patients moving in the right direction, no matter their starting point. Consider these therapy indications when working with peds clients:

Physical / Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy